Gettysburg was released on October 8, 1993. The film depicts the historical and personal experiences surrounding the American Civil War battle in Gettysburg. Based off of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Killer Angels, written by Michael Shaara. The film was initially produced as a TV miniseries set to air on TNT. Media tycoon, Ted Turner was so pleased with the project he decided to release Gettysburg in theaters. The cost of the final product was an estimated $25,000,000. Distributed by New Line Cinema, the film grossed only $10,769,960 and was considered a box office flop. With a run time of 254 minutes it is one of the longest films ever released by a Hollywood studio. Although Gettysburg did poorly in the box office it was highly reviewed by film critics, has become an all-time top grosser in home entertainment and has become an essential educational tool in classrooms. In June of 1994 Gettysburg made its TV debut and was aired on TNT, bringing in over 23 million viewers, it broke multiple cable TV viewership records at the time.




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